Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday Nic and I hiked to Stewart Falls, near Sundance. It was a beautiful 2 mile hike to the waterfall and we took some pictures along the way. Just thought I'd post some of them for you guys to see.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I've decided that there are a few things in Provo that I am going to boycott.

1. Quiznos

Nic and I went here one time to grab dinner and the employees acted as if we didn't exist. Once they finally took our order, they charged us just about as much as if we'd gone to Olive Garden or something. Those are some expensive sandwiches. To top it off, as Nic and I were sitting down eating our food, we noticed that one of the employees went to lock the doors at 8:30, when they were suppose to close at 9:00. People kept coming up to the door wondering why they had closed the doors so early. We vowed never to eat at quiznos again.

2. TPM a.k.a Total Property Managment

Never rent from TPM. When we moved into our apartment, the garbage disposal was broken, the sink was filled with dirty water, which was backing up into our dishwasher. The couple who lived here before had told TPM about the problem and they had failed to even attempt to fix the problem. Nic ended up having to take the sink apart to fix it. Our apartment was also supposed to come with free internet. We'll I set out to figure out how to set it up and found that we had a cable internet. I went out and bought a cable modem, hooked it up, and found out that I needed an account password in order for it to work. I called TPM over and over to try to obtain the password, with no luck. I finally got frustrated and returned my sixty dollar cable modem. Overall, we have been disappointed with the management and finally moved. We went into TPM's office the other day to check if our contract had been sold and the guy said, "yea, the new couple is moving in tomorrow." We had put our move out day as July 27 and he had arranged for the couple to move in on July 3! He then went on to ask, "the apartment is funished, right?" We told him that we rented it unfurnished and had our own bed and futons. THe look on his face was hilarious because he had not only told the other couple that they could move in on July 3, he had also told them that it was furnished! Anyway, to make this long story even longer, we just moved into a new 2 bedroom apartment and the management is already a hundred times better. We really like it, and we are paying less for a 2 bedroom than we were paying for the 1 bedroom. The only drawback is that there is no AC, so Nic and I ran to Costco yesterday to buy one. Everyone seems really friendly here. In fact, within the first 5 minutes of moving in we had several neighbors indroduce themselves. Our nextdoor neighbor even baked us cookies. We are really liking our new place.