Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Lately

We had a family reunion with my family in Vegas and then spent Christmas with Nic's family.

Here's the very few Vegas Pics I took

Life has been so busy lately. I feel like we're never home anymore. We took advantage of Nic's long break from school and did a lot of traveling. We did "Chritmas Around the World" with Nic's family. I don't have pictures, but we had a fun time eating delicious Brazilian, Danish, British, and Italian food. We even sent Chinese lanterns into the sky. Nic, Jon, and Kim tiled his parents' upstairs bathroom. I have a "before" picture but forgot to take an "after" picture. It turned out really beautiful.

Nic and I took Andrew to the Discovery Kids Museum in Orange. We picked the worst day to go, Free Santa Ana residents day. The place was soo busy.

Nic surprised me with a quick trip to Big Bear Lake. We stayed in this lodge
Take a closer look...the place was kind of smelly and gross. Nic ended up waking up with bug bites on his legs. We canceling our second night and spent the morning at big bear then headed back to our apartment and rented a movie. We had a really nice time in Big Bear though.

We had a delicious breakfast at the Grizzly Manor, and then headed off for the Animal Park. We saw huge Timber Wolves and a sleeping Grizzly bear (didn't take my camera, unfortunately). One of my favorites was our nature hike up above the lake.

The alpine slide was also a lot of fun. We decided to do that instead of pay $50 to go sledding.

This last weekend we went to San Francisco to pick up my mom and visit with my sister, Gena. Andrew loved seeing his cousins and having a sleep over. Nic and I explored the city a little bit and accidentally drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. thank goodness we had cash...it costs $6 to go over the bridge.

Work has been really busy for me lately. The commute has been taking a toll on our family. Nic just started school today. He is taking Labor and Delivery/Mother Baby and Nursing research this semester. I'm so proud of his hard work. Andrew is doing well. He loves, loves, loves trains right now.